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100 Years of Words

The Invisible Thread is an anthology of writing by Canberra region writers spanning 100 years. The anthology includes a mix of fiction, nonfiction and poetry. It is a National Year of Reading flagship publication, and will be an official part of Canberra's centenary celebrations in 2013. It will be launched on 29 November 2012. A website, the ACT Writers Showcase,is also being developed and will be launched on 29 November 2012. Supported by the ACT Government and Centenary of Canberra, Paperchain Bookstore Manuka, NewActon, with inkind support from ACT Writers Centre and Blemish Books.

Aboriginal Literacy Foundation

The Aboriginal Literacy Foundation recognise how important it is for children to begin reading from a very young age. We firmly believe that early intervention is the key, especially with our young Indigenous population where four in five children in remote areas fall in the bottom 5% of national literacy testing. We are proud to support The Reading Hour in 2013.

ACT Bilingual Education Alliance (ACTBEA)

The ACT Bilingual Education Alliance (ACTBEA) is a non-profit community group in the Canberra region that supports and promotes bilingualism, both family-based and through formal programs in mainstream and community language schools. ACTBEA promotes the idea that reading is a valuable skill in any language. We look forward to working with the Love2Read campaign in 2013.

Active Kids Books

I support the 'Reading Hour' in many forms. I appear in libraries, schools and even various skateboarding or surfing events as a guest author/ motivational speaker. Yet, when it comes to reading to a small audience, this what I enjoy the most. Whether it's for 20min or 1hr, whether it's to my own kids, or to others, whether it's each week or nightly. Delivering a story (acting), can be as fun as reading silently to myself. Depending on the story I must confess. As I feel, a good book is like a good holiday. While reading your body gets to relax, more than on holidays, preparing the muscles for the next adventures i.e. surfing, skiing or mtn. biking... Proud to support the Reading Hour...CHa:D

Alphabet Soup

Amazing People Club, The

The Amazing People Club is proud to partner with the Love2Read organization.  The initiative mirrors our own vision to support schools and libraries promote reading, by supporting collaboration through a new kind of storytelling.  As such we can provide critical tools to help foster skills and promote interest in reading.  Well done, and may you have an Amazing reading year!

Australian Council of State School Organisations

The Australian Council of State School Organisations (ACSSO) is the peak national organisation representing the interests of the parents, families and school communities of more than two million children attending government schools throughout Australia. ACSSOs formal structure currently comprises of six State and Territory peak government school organisations and their membership networks.

Australian Learning Communities Network Inc

Australian Literacy & Numeracy Foundation

“On behalf of The Australian Literacy & Numeracy Foundation (ALNF), I would like to indicate our involvement and support of the National Year of Reading 2012 on the critical areas of Indigenous and workplace literacy. Learning how to read and write can change a life – forever. As a community, it’s up to us to help bridge the gap and open up the world of literacy for everyone. That’s why the ALNF is dedicated to raising language, literacy and numeracy standards in Australia and we are excited to partner with the National Year of Reading to share this vision with all Australians in 2012.” Gabrielle Kemeny, Director of Communications.

Australian School Library Association

Teacher librarians from around Australia got right behind the National Year of Reading 2012. We are delighted that the Love2Read brand and events will continue and will be supporting The Reading Hour in 2013. Schools libraries will be the place and space where kids and teens will love to read in 2013.

Big Kids Magazine

BIG Kids Magazine is an Australian contemporary arts publication, launched in 2011, that features the work of children and artists side by side. Created by two professional artists, Perth based dancer Jo Pollitt and Sydney based visual artist Lilly Blue, in collaboration with Luca, ‘senior editor’ (age 8 at the time), and the BIG team. BIG stands for Bravery, Imagination and Generosity.


Book Links’ mission is to celebrate, promote and provide education in relation to visual, spoken and written literacy in picture books, children's and young peoples' novels, poetry and other genres. The Reading Hour is a wonderful initiative that celebrates the joy of reading and contributes to the development of a creative community.  

Books Illustrated

A shared love of books, art and children inspired Ann James and Ann Haddon to establish Books Illustrated in 1988. Together they have a unique view of the picture book industry, seen from many angles – librarian, bookseller, gallery director, writer and illustrator. Books Illustrated is a centre celebrating Australian children’s literature, in particular picture books and their creators. It has an interesting history that has culminated in a program of exhibitions promoting the work of Australian book illustrators throughout Australia and in international venues.

Buk bilong Pikinini

Buk bilong Pikinini (books for children) is an independent not-for-profit organisation based in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, with an aim to establish children's libraries all across Papua New Guinea. In every library we conduct a literacy, numeracy and awareness programme to provide valuable educational opportunities for children, who would not otherwise have access to school or books. In PNG there are few functioning libraries outside the school system and most children do not have access to books at all. The purpose of Buk bilong Pikinini is to focus on early childhood learning as a key to literacy. Only half of school-age children go to school and the literacy rate in PNG is well under the 50% officially claimed - in some areas it is as low as 5%. Buk bilong Pikinini would be grateful for donations of children's books - we have depots in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra and have free shipping of our books to PNG. Buk bilong Pikinini is honored to be partnering with Love2read and helping to promote the 2013 Reading Hour campaign. It is so important to read to and with children and open up that whole universe that books provide. In PNG children do not take books for granted and the children learning to read in Buk bilong Pikinini libraries find that they actually give them better hope and dreams for the future!

Butterfly Wings

The Butterfly Wings team are proud to partner with the Love2Read team and are really looking forward to continuing working with Love2Read on their 2013 campaign especially in the Logan City Area of Queensland. Butterfly Wings Child Parent Programs are free, research and evidence based, long term, universal community Parenting Programs helping children (birth to five) and adults to become familiar with each other and to form secure attachments. They are Early Intervention and Early Literacy Programs focusing on singing traditional and contemporary rhymes and songs, playing simple singing games and storytelling. They are fun, interactive Parenting Education programs to help parents and carers to develop an understanding of early literacy and numeracy skills, early year’s brain and child development knowledge, and to have a repertoire of rhymes, songs and stories to share with family members. It is a soft-entry program. The Butterfly Wings Early Years Consultancy provides fun, interactive workshops and professional development for parents, grandparents, early year’s educators and members of the community using song, rhyme, oral storytelling and multisensory activities. The Butterfly Wings Team promotes intentional and effective interactions between and educator (parent) and a child. Workshops include the LAUGHING AND LEARNING WITH LITTLIES and BRINGING PICTURE BOOKS ALIVE series  Please check out the Butterfly Wings Early Years Consultancy website at: 

Buzz Words

Buzz Words is a resource for writers and illustrators of books for children, and for all those who love children's books. We understand that reading and the love of books embellishes every aspect of our lives as individuals, and as communities and a nation. What better way to impart this gift than through sharing a story with our children each day and to join together across the country for The Reading Hour on 24 August 2013. The activities and events associated with The Reading Hour remind us all of how important books are and, most of all, that reading is fun.

Byron Bay Writers’ Festival

Widely regarded as one of Australia's oldest and most loved literary events, the Byron Bay Writers' Festival is an event that draws thousands of literature lovers and hundreds of guest writers for three days of intelligent discussion, passionate interaction and fun. Over the years many significant and respected contemporary Australian and International writers have participated in the program of lectures, literary lunches, panels, conversations, launches and readings that take place every year in Byron Bay. Fundamentally, Byron Bay Writers’ Festival provides a forum for discussion and guests are invited to address the issues that matter to them as writers, and which necessarily concern us all. It is a celebration of the vitality of thought and creativity. Byron Bay Writers' Festival will take place from 2-4 August 2013. The Festival program will highlight the forthcoming Reading Hour campaign on Kids’ Day, Sunday 4 August. There is no more heartwarming, rewarding and nourishing activity than the reading and sharing of stories within the family cocoon. Help nurture tomorrow’s booklovers and creative practitioners by feeding them stories today.

Cairns Tropical Writers Festival

Clunes Booktown Festival

Copyright Agency Cultural Fund

Copyright Agency's Board is authorised by Copyright Agency's Constitution to allocate 1.5% of its income to development projects that will support the Australian publishing and visual arts industries. This is known as the Cultural Fund. The Cultural Fund supports a wide variety of projects which aim to encourage, and provide practical assistance to Copyright Agency's members and the Australian cultural community.

Creative Kids Tales

Creative Kids Tales is again honoured to be working with Love2Read and helping to promote their 2013 Reading Hour campaign. Reading with your children, grandchildren or any child is a gift they will treasure and carry in their hearts for a lifetime. Love2Read is at the forefront of ensuring all children throughout Australia are given the gift of story. There is no greater expedition than to lose yourself in the adventure of the written word. But first the journey must start by creating that adventure. At Creative Kids Tales we are committed to helping emerging authors and illustrators reach their ultimate goal - publication. We provide tips, links, competition information and contacts for people who write or draw for children. We accept submissions for children’s poetry, short stories, chapter books, novels and illustrations. Creative Kids Tales is an Australian site designed by emerging authors for Australian emerging authors and illustrators. To display your work or advertise with us is free! Please visit our website for more information. Wishing you a creative 2013 with Love2Read.

Dennis Jones & Associates Pty Ltd

We are a Melbourne based business providing representation, distribution and consulting advice on publishing, and have recently established our own publishing imprint in Port Campbell Press. Formed in November 1991, with five books to distribute and one list to represent, we still have that original representation list in the form of Bolinda Publishing, and have since developed our business to distribute for over 500 Australian publishers, including the representation of some quite significant Australian businesses. Once again, Dennis Jones & Associates is proud to be associated with the Love2Read campaign in 2013.


Dymocks Children’s Charities

Dymocks Children's Charities (DCC) is an Australian-wide, tax-deductible charity. Our mission is to support children’s literacy and to raise funds to improve the potential of all Australian children through the provision of literacy support programs and excellent books. Our vision is to change kids’ lives - one book at a time! Dymocks Children’s Charities recognises that reading is an essential tool for life and has developed a unique literacy support program that encourages students to cultivate a love for books and read every day “just because they want to”. Quite simply it’s about getting great books into their hands!  While our aims are relatively simple, the results can be profound, transforming a child’s self-esteem and their entire relationship with learning.

Enviro-Stories Education Program

Ford Street Publishing

First and foremost, Ford Street seeks to maintain our excellence as a publisher of high quality books for children and young adults. Our program features six outstanding stories, all created by high calibre artists. These stories encompass various written and visual approaches – including magic realism, historical narrative, black and white sketch drawings and watercolour landscapes – each giving a high quality reading experience. Our vision, like Love2Read’s, is to enrich children’s lives by exposing them to great books. Love2Read is doing this by partnering with myriad practitioners within the world of books, be they festivals, booksellers, publishers, writers and libraries. The Love2read program is excelling in their endeavours to promote literacy, especially via the 2013 reading Hour program. Ford Street is honoured to be a part of this great initiative.

Funky Kids Radio

Funky Kids Radio is proud to support The Reading Hour in 2013. We believe it is important to encourage reading in every home and support love of stories through our hourly story times.

Good Reading Magazine

Good Reading is dedicated to books and reading. Our aim is to share our love of books and authors no matter what type of books you like to read. We want to encourage people to read more, find new authors and to have each new generation grow up with a love of reading. The Reading Hour is such an important event with a powerful and important message. Children need about 1000 hours of lap time reading before they are of school age to give them the best chance of learning. That's one child sitting on your lap, a friends lap, or grandma's, or another relative, and just simply being read to. That's how important books are. They are life-changing. The Reading Hour is an important beginning to assist us to help all children we know to discover their passion for a lifetime of reading.

Inside History

Inside History is for people passionate about Australian and New Zealand history and heritage, whether it’s their family’s ancestry, or in a broader social context. Published bi-monthly and beautifully designed, Inside History provides insightful, interesting and practical features to its readership. Sharing stories brings families together across generations and fosters our understanding of our own ancestry. We Love2Read and we're delighted to be supporting The Reading Hour in 2013.

Kids Book Review

Kids Book Review is an Australian-based website featuring reviews, interviews, news, articles, guest posts, giveaways and author/illustrator insights and all things deliciously literary. Frequented by parents, teachers, publishers and kids from all over the world, KBR has become one of the most respected children’s literature sites on the web, and we take great pride in harnessing and encouraging a love of books and reading. A partner for the National Year of Reading 2012, KBR is delighted to support The Reading Hour. We believe that encouraging a love of reading in the very young is vital not only for social and economic independence, but for sheer pleasure. for Kids Book Review – helping little imaginations soar.


KOALA (Kids Own Australian Literature Awards) is all about promoting and encouraging the enjoyment and appreciation of Australian literature for children and young adults and so we support involving children in reading at any time but especially at Reading Hour.

KOALA Kids – Kids Oncology And Leukaemia Action

KOALA Kids (Kids Oncology And Leukemia Action) is committed to supplying engaging, educational and entertaining activities and programs to distract and entertain children and their families from the pain and trauma associated with the cancer journey, and to keep ling term cancer patients connected with their schools and social networks. KOALA Kids is a programme of the Children's Cancer Centre Foundation The Children’s Cancer Centre Foundation (CCCF) is a philanthropic foundation supporting clinical care and research, providing resources to families of patients of the Children’s Cancer Centres.  KOALA Kids provides the small things that make a difference to the lives of children with cancer and their families who travel the journey with them.

Kumon Australia and New Zealand

Kumon Australia is again a proud partner of the Reading Hour. We encourage families to read together for as little as ‘10 minutes a day’, to celebrate the joys and discoveries that come from reading books. With over 300 education Centres across the country, Kumon continues to share a love of learning across the wider community.

Literacy Planet

Local Government Procurement

Local Government Procurement (LGP) is pleased to support The Reading Hour alongside many other wonderful organisations.

Madman Entertainment

Madman is proud to support the Reading Hour and encourage all ages to enjoy the excitement of reading and storytelling.  As Australia's leading distributor of manga and graphic novels, we love high adventure, action, romance, horror and more. The art form of graphic storytelling is compelling and engaging, for young and old - the perfect reason to spur more reading that captures the imagination. 

Melbourne Writers Festival

To celebrate Love2Read’s Reading Hour, the Melbourne Writers Festival presents a free event featuring Australia's most popular writers for children on Saturday 24 August. From 22 August to 1 September 2013, Melbourne Writers Festival will again fuel your intellect and inspire your imagination. Taking place at Federation Square and venues across Melbourne, our program will feature over 300 writers from around the world taking part in interviews, literary banquets, debates, readings, concerts and workshops. Our packed program will be available on our website and in The Age on Friday 19 July.

Mudgee Readers Festival

The Reading Hour is a great initiative to encourage readers of all ages to celebrate the joy of reading.  Reading is a life long skill and can open a wide range of doors to education and pure entertainment.  The Mudgee Readers' Festival supports the Reading Hour as it showcases the importance and value of reading. Let's all share a book with someone special today.

My Little Bookcase

NSW Department of Education and Communities

Port Campbell Press

Port Campbell Press is the recently established digital division of Dennis Jones & Associates. Our aim is to make as many of our client publishers’ titles as possible available in as many formats as possible, from as many eBook wholesalers as possible, to as many eBook retailers as possible. We hope to ensure that whichever platform a bookseller chooses for their online eBook store, our eBooks will be available for them to sell. There are over 300 eBooks in the Port Campbell list, with more titles being added every week. Print-on-demand solutions are also now available, covering Australia, the USA and UK, via our relationship with Lightning Source Australia. Port Campbell Press is proud to be associated with the Love2Read campaign in 2013.

Random House Australia

Random House Australia welcomes Love2Read’s The Reading Hour initiative as a way of encouraging people and especially children to engage with books and writers.  It will bring parents and children together to enjoy, discuss and embrace different stories and ideas.  Books enrich communities and we heartily support any program that transports people into the world of reading.

Read to my child

Read To My Child is proud to partner with the Love2Read organization. Love2Read mirrors the aims of Read To My Child to develop a lifelong love of books and reading in children and to increase awareness in parents of the importance of reading aloud to children. We are looking forward to being a part of the Reading Hour on August 24th and supporting this event. Reading to your child is a precious experience for parent and child alike. Read To My Child does not seek to replace parents reading to their children, but rather, is an alternative to television for parents at those busy moments in the day when a few spare minutes are needed to get chores done. Stories are educational and absorbing to children and we aim to promote enthusiasm for reading, engagement with the story, literacy and comprehension.


Readers’ Niche


Really Blue Books


School Library Association of Victoria

Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (Australian and New Zealand Chapter)

StoryArts Festival

StoryArts Festival Ipswich, (previously known as the Ipswich Festival of Children’s Literature), is a biennial festival organised by the Ipswich District Teacher-Librarian Network. There are six days of free events for children and  three days aimed at adults and young adults. This festival attracts almost 10 000 young people aged 5 to 12 years who are interested in reading, writing, literature and performance. Close on 40 authors and illustrators from all over Australia and a few from overseas give children the same thrill of meeting their favourite creators that adults get by going to similar writers festivals. The tenth biennial festival will run from 9 September - 17 September 2013.  StoryArts Festival supports the Reading Hour as we both aim to engender in children a love of reading and listening to stories.

Syba Signs

Syba Signs is pleased to support The Reading Hour alongside many other wonderful organisations. Syba Signs is committed to providing schools and libraries with educational signage and resources. We are excited for The Reading Hour 2013 project and trust it will be as successful as last year! Keep up the energy, the Syba team.

That Book You Like

The Big Issue

The Big Issue is Australia’s longest-standing and most significant social enterprise. It is an independent, not-for-profit organisation that develops solutions to help homeless, marginalised and disadvantaged people positively change their lives. We understand the importance of literacy and that inspiring children to become avid readers has positive, long lasting outcomes for so many. At The Big Issue we believe the Reading Hour is a truly worthwhile initiative and we are proud to be a partner.

The Folio Society

Great books should be outstanding not only in literary content but in their physical form. This has been the philosophy of The Folio Society since 1947. In a Folio edition, typography, illustration, paper, printing and binding all play a major part in creating a harmonious whole, combined with introductions by leading literary figures. The result is a range of beautiful, illustrated editions of the world's greatest literary works. We are proud to support The Reading Hour in 2013 and promote the importance of literacy and the joy of reading.

The Nangala Project Ltd

In 2011, the Jumbana Group created The Nangala Project Ltd to relieve poverty and disadvantage amongst Australian Indigenous children and their families, through creating locally engaged, sustainable opportunity.

  • Indi Kindi, preparing under five year old children for literacy and numeracy, offering them a better chance of reaching basic Australian educational benchmarks
  • John Moriarty Football for primary age boys and girls to use football (soccer) to improve school attendance and achieve sustainable healthier outcomes for families and communities
  • Bunji Travel, to mobilise a traveller and corporate volunteer workforce to help deliver Nangala projects, and build bridges of cultural and social understanding
The Nangala Project is proud to partner with The Reading Hour 2013.  Bringing the joy of reading into the life of a child is a simple and powerful gift. 

Tidy Books

VALBEC (Victorian Adult Literacy and Basic Education Council)

Vannam - it's more than just a bookstore

We really believe reading makes a useful contribution in the way the child learns a language and we understand how reading and storytelling provides the young children the critical life skills they need. It does not matter where reading happens, it can be anywhere and in any language, it is not only about the target language but perhaps more importantly about the world. We have been promoting the benefits of reading and storytelling. We wanted to give enough opportunities for young children, provide the support and motivation for benefiting their confidence and competence, to make them better readers for tomorrow, and for generations to come. Talk to us or drop an email at [email protected] to know more about us, what we do and share with us, the love of making the children discover and rediscover the joy of reading. Please visit our website for further information, updates and useful links. Our Love2Read centre is opening soon.

Video Interaction

Voices on the Coast

Voices on the Coast is a youth literature festival held each year on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland one hour north of Brisbane. This festival attracts over 4,500 school students aged 10 to 18 years who are interested in reading, writing, literature and performance. Presenters Immanuel Lutheran College and the University of the Sunshine Coast invite leading Australian authors, illustrators, poets and performers to talk and workshop with students. In addition the festival is open to adults with a range of literary events including writing workshops, a literary breakfast, literary dinner and free events in local libraries. The festival will be held from Saturday 1 June to Wednesday 5 June 2013. Voices on the Coast is happy to support The Reading Hour, as from early beginnings, come the readers and writers of our future.

World of Books Australia

Zenith Information Management Services

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