National Year of Reading 2012

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Welcome to our page for partners, organisations, individuals and other reading professionals, who are aiming to make a positive difference for literacy and reading..

If you're organising an event, need logos, or research and statistics, you're in the right spot.

You can also pop over to last year's National Year of Reading 2012 wiki which had loads of resources.


Lots of people have donated their time and skills to creating Love2Read content and much of it is freely available, but in some cases we would like to acknowledge the individuals and respect their ownership of the work. For this reason, the Love2read materials, pages and images, are protected by Copyright Laws of Australia.

You may use Love2Read materials to promote reading / literacy events around Australia. If in doubt, contact us and we can answer your query.

When you use these resources, you are agreeing that:

  • You won't make any charges for their use by other people.
  • You will include the credits (where requested) in any copy that you make.
  • You will not modify these resources without our permission. We have had a number of requests and we have been able to say 'yes' to everyone, so please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have a clever idea that you'd like to run past us.

Download the Love2Read and The Reading Hour logos below

Click here to download the Love2Read logos

Click here to download The Reading Hour logos

Click here to use the Love2Read QR code on your posters and other collateral

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What can I do to celebrate Love2Read?

Supporting literacy and reading can be as easy as loading the Love2Read logo onto your website, or talking about our Reading Hour program in interviews or to people you meet. You can organise your own events during the year and use our logo (and events calendar) to promote it or organise an event for The Reading Hour. And don't forget – you can always partner with another organisation to make the load a little lighter. Here are some ideas for projects, activities and events.

  • Adopt a projectWhy not give one of these fantastic projects a home
  • Ideas bankHere are some wonderful ideas suggested by people from all around Australia for the National Year of Reading, but many can be used in any year
  • Speakers and authorsWhy not organise an event around an author, children's entertainer, illustrator or speaker?


During the National Year of Reading 2012 loads of resources and merchandise were created. Check out our wiki to see just what was available. For Love2Read, many of these designers may be willing to create resources for you around the Love2Read logo. Feel free to contact the businesses on this page. And don't forget you can always use our logos to create your own designs.

Research and resources

During the National Year of Reading 2012 we collated lots of research, articles, reports and other resources for reading professionals and educators. Check out the links below for these resources:

  • Pop over to our Research and Information page for loads of articles and reports on literacy and the benefits of reading. We've also included the ABS Yearbook reports that were written about the National Year of Reading 2012.
  • Our two literacy factsheets are short and to the point FAQs around reading and literacy.

    • Literacy Factsheet
    • 46%? I don't believe it
  • Check out the Resources for educators page for information for teachers and people working with children.

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