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The Reading Agency

The Reading Agency helped run the 2008 National Year of Reading in England, focusing especially on public libraries’ contribution. So we know the potential of what you’re embarking on, and wish you all enormous luck with it – your emerging plans sound very exciting. A massive shared focus on promoting reading and developing the infra-structure supporting it can be hugely powerful.

The Pyjama Foundation

The Pyjama Foundation was founded to support children in the foster care community develop their reading and literacy skills. The Pyjama Foundation is delighted to be a part of the National Year of Reading 2012 Program as we heavily support this initiative and look forward to spreading a love of learning & reading. Bronwyn Sheehan, Queensland Australian of the Year 2009, Founder and Director of The Pyjama Foundation.

Student Edge

Student Edge, Australia's leading student focused organisation, is pleased to be assisting with the delivery of the NYOR and hopes that through this partnership there will be the opportunity to communicate with the students of Australia and culminate in improved student literacy standards. Damien Langley Co-founder Student Edge

Speech Pathology Australia

On behalf of Speech Pathology Australia, I would like to indicate our involvement and support of the National Year of Reading 2012 program. As part of the Association’s commitment to language and literacy, we will be delighted to participate and support the initiative in whatever way we, and our members, are able. We look forward to working on this exciting project.' Judith Rathmell, Public Affairs Leader, Speech Pathology Australia

Speakers Ink

Speakers Ink is a literary agency of excellence dedicated to connecting experienced speakers with schools, libraries, festivals and literary events of all kinds. We strive to promote communication, literacy and confidence and to inspire in creative endeavours by engaging audiences with quality literary presenters.

School Library Association of Victoria


The Read Write Now adult literacy program is very excited about being involved in the National Year of Reading 2012. Since 1977 Read Write Now volunteers have provided free one-to-one tutoring to adults who require help with reading, the joy of which is something that many of us take for granted. With over 700 volunteer tutors, Read Write Now helps to change lives through literacy. We look forward to the synergy of partnerships that the National Year of Reading will bring.

Pass It On

PASS IT ON has been supporting and celebrating children’s writers and illustrators for over 6 years. It is a diverse, yet close knit community comprising writers, both professional and fledging, editors, publishers, illustrators, librarians, teachers, in fact all lovers of children’s literature. PASS IT ON and its members will be delighted to get behind this initiative and will help to spread the word and offer support in any way that it can.

My Little Bookcase

My Little Bookcase is an online resource where parents can find a wealth of information to foster a love of reading in their homes; it is a community for parents and caregivers to share their own ideas and experiences; it is a case full of inspiring ideas for reading and sharing books with children. My Little Bookcase is excited to work with The National Year of Reading to help families 'discover and rediscover the joy of reading'.


“The Local Government Librarians’ Association of WA is delighted to support Love2read, and we look forward to working with colleagues in libraries around Australia, the book trade and other partners, to make 2012 a great National Year of Reading for all Australians.” Judi Willmott, Secretary, LocLib

Local Government Association of NSW and Shires Associations of NSW

We are pleased to advise that the Associations are happy to lend their names in support of the National Year of Reading, and to join efforts to promote literacy in Australia.

Let's Read

Let’s Read is a program that promotes the importance of reading with children from birth to 5 years of age. Let’s Read encourages and empowers parents to read with their children. It helps parents and caregivers understand the importance of reading with their young child and how to have fun doing it.

Indigenous Literacy Project

The Indigenous Literacy Project (ILP) aims to raise literacy levels and improve the lives and opportunities of Indigenous Australians living in remote and isolated regions.

Friends of Libraries Australia

“The first national airing of a National Year of Reading was as a recommendation in the FOLA Report to the Nation 2008 A nation reading for life: the challenge for Australia’s public libraries and we will be encouraging all Friends of Libraries groups around the country to be part of this.” Alan Bundy, President, Friends of Libraries Australia.

Ford Street Publishing

Ford Street is a successful small independent Australian publisher of books for children and young adults. They publish around eight titles a year, ranging from picture books through to novels and non-fiction for older readers. Ford Street’s publisher is Australian author, Paul Collins, who has written extensively for both the local and international markets.

Early Words

"Early Words is an early literacy project, supporting families with children from pregnancy-school entry. Families can receive free parent education resources, print material in 10 languages, and Aboriginal resources. We are thrilled to be working together to promote a shared literacy focus that can empower individuals and families. We look forward to further encouraging the joy of reading with families - from infancy, as a life long strength." Sue Pearce, Children First Inc.

Community Adult Literacy Foundation

The Community Adult Literacy Foundation (CALF) is committed to improving adult literacy in Western Australia through its support of the Read Write Now program. The National Year of Reading 2012 is a project that will highlight the importance of literacy throughout the community and provide opportunities for the community to engage in some wonderful activities. The committee and members of CALF fully support it.

Centenary of Canberra

The Centenary of Canberra supports the National Year of Reading.

Australian Society of Authors

'“In a world of many and sometimes meaningless ‘binaries’, there is one that truly counts: writer and reader. A civilised society is built on the art of reading as much as it is on the art of writing. The Australian Society of Authors is most pleased to partner with and support the NYR in this exciting venture to advance the cause of reading.” Angelo Loukakis, Australian Society of Authors.

Australian Literacy & Numeracy Foundation

“On behalf of The Australian Literacy & Numeracy Foundation (ALNF), I would like to indicate our involvement and support of the National Year of Reading 2012 on the critical areas of Indigenous and workplace literacy. Learning how to read and write can change a life – forever. As a community, it’s up to us to help bridge the gap and open up the world of literacy for everyone. That’s why the ALNF is dedicated to raising language, literacy and numeracy standards in Australia and we are excited to partner with the National Year of Reading to share this vision with all Australians in 2012.” Gabrielle Kemeny, Director of Communications.

Australian Library Suppliers Association

The Australian Library Suppliers Association will be partnering with the National Year of Reading in 2012.


“The members unanimously supported ASLA’s involvement in the event and look forward to working with you during the planning and the 2012 event.” Karen Bonanno, Executive Officer

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