National Year of Reading 2012

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A mystery, a memoir, a journey into the outback, a sinister and haunting tale, an unsolved disappearance, uncontrollable desires, the horrors of war, laughter, heartbreak and a dark secret - you will find them all in the eight books which Australians have decided will be the National Year of Reading 2012 collection.

Thanks to the thousands of Australians who voted on the ABC website or in their local library for the book to represent their state or territory during the National Year of Reading 2012.

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Now take part in Australia's biggest book group, based on the Our Story collection. Join a book club (ask at your local library) or take part in the online discussion with The Reading Room.

Congratulations to all the authors who were shortlisted for Our Story.

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Enter the Our Story competition by giving us the best book review of any of the winning 8 books in 50 words or less. Individuals and groups (such as books groups) are welcome to enter. Simply go to The Reading Room for more information.

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