National Year of Reading 2012

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"It's Never Too Late ... To Learn To Read"

It's never too late … to learn to read" is a short story competition for unpublished, new, emerging and established Australian writers in Adult Learners Week.

The National Year of Reading 2012, in partnership with the Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) and Writing Australia, supported by the NT Writers Centre, Queensland Writers Centre and writingWA, was given a grant by the Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR), to run a writing competition as part of Adult Learners’ Week 2011 (ALW). Our aim was for the creation of exciting, inspiring and challenging stories to support and encourage adult learning, and to highlight the fact that “It’s never too late … to learn to read”. DEEWR explains: “The Adult Learners’ Week is an international event embodied in the 1997 Hamburg Declaration on Adult Learning to which Australia is a signatory. Internationally, ALW celebrates the value and diversity of life long learning. In Australia, the main focus of ALW has been to recognise achievements and raise awareness of adult education and promote activities to encourage participation in further learning.

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The stories will be available as free downloads for people visiting the National Year of Reading, ALIA, Writing Australia, NT Writers Centre, Queensland Writers Centre and writingWA websites, and we will record the stories so non-readers can listen to them online. These print and audio files will be available for accredited partners to upload to their sites and we hope that the media will make extensive use of this content.

This project was funded by the Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations through Adult Learners' Week National Grant Funding.

The Winning Entries Back to Top

You can listen to any story by clicking on the play button.

The 12 winning stories from published writers

Refuting the White Rabbit by Maria Arena - Download (PDF)

Letters and Lufstories by Matt Blackwood - Download (PDF)

Letters by Sophie Constable - Download (PDF)

The Beauline by Jane Downing - Download (PDF)

I is for You by Tom Dullemond - Download (PDF)

Happy New Year by Penny Gibson - Download (PDF)

A Written History by Amy Jackson-Shelling - Download (PDF)

Camels in Morocco by Melanie Joosten - Download (PDF)

Roadhouse by Jennifer Mills - Download (PDF)

Taking Leaves by Tansy Rayner Roberts - Download (PDF)

A Time for Many Words by Ruth Starke - Download (PDF)

The Miracle Calendar by Philomena van Rijswijk - Download (PDF)

Winning stories from new, unpublished writers

A Reason for Reading by Kirralee Baldock - Download (PDF)

When English Made My Future Better by Faten Chendeb - Download (PDF)

The Sleeping Beauty by Cassandra Dickerson - Download (PDF)

For Lucy by Karen Eastwood - Download (PDF)

Grandad's Garden by Kath Harper - Download (PDF)

The War Gift by Vanessa Jones - Download (PDF)

My Neighbour's Screen Door by Mark Joseph - Download (PDF)

Strangers in Fiction by Kerri Turner - Download (PDF)

The Tin of Secrets by Steve Wilson - Download (PDF)

Highly commended stories

Written on My Heart by Juliet Blair - Download (PDF)
A Bridge Between Two Worlds by Astrid Cooper - Download (PDF)
God Shopping by Robert Hollingworth - Download (PDF)
The Books by Tania McCartney - Download (PDF)
One Better Life by Mike Murphy - Download (PDF)
Rocky Road by Jackie Tritt - Download (PDF)

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