National Year of Reading 2012

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Love Reading

Here you'll find a wealth of resources to help you get started on your reading journey. We've brought together a host of blogs, websites and organisations to inspire you to seek out new books and authors. You can use these pages for inspiration, before heading down to your local library where you'll find the books themselves. Or, some of these sites contain useful information on where to look for support if you or someone you know needs help with reading. Love2Read is all about making it possible for everyone to experience a love of books and reading so spread the good news! Just click on the relevant link above.

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YA blog’o’sphere

Australian YA author

My Favourite Book

Young Adult Review Network

YA book pile

The Kids Book Review

Becky’s Book Review

Finding YA

Word for teens

Charlottes Library

YA book shelf

Bookie Woogie

Collecting Childrens Books

Big A little a

The Children’s Literature Book Club

366 Books: My Year of Reading

mostly reading YA

A Patchwork of Books

Picture book illustration

Stephanie Bowe

Ian McClean

Young Writers’ Society

Dee Scribe

Judith Ridge


Paper Tigers

Read Roger


Educating Alice

Word Crushes

Children's book council (list of authors who blog)

Library Journal
Ten of the best blogs for folks who take kids's lit seriously (but not too seriously)

Australian young adult fiction 
Inc. list of blogs for YA fiction

Alphabet Soup Magazine blog
For kids who love books

Books from the Basement blog
Review of quality books for beginner readers by Kerry Neary, Brisbane community radio 4MBS.

Giggle BookGames
For parents and kids wanting exciting and interactive bookplay.                                                  

There is something here for everyone: reviews for everyone and advice for parents to get their kids reading.

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Love Reading for adults

We’re partnering with Good Reading Magazine for the National Year of Reading and if you’re a keen reader, looking for new and emerging authors, or the latest book by your favourite author, we’d recommend you visit the website to find out more.

We’re also partnering with the ABC and we’re great fans of the First Tuesday Book Club. Find out what Jennifer Byrne and the team are talking about this week.

If you’re looking for fresh new work from published and emerging writers, check out the winning stories in our Adult Learners’ Week 2011 short story writing competition.

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Literacy resources

Australian Council of Adult Literacy (ACAL) -
Promotes adult literacy and numeracy policy and practice. It is an advocate organisation which supports adult literacy practitioners and organisations within Australia and promotes debate on adult literacy issues.

Children’s Book Council of Australia -

Cap that! -
Resource for teachers about using captions when showing videos in the classroom to help improve literacy, particularly for ESL students and students with learning disabilities.

The Reading Writing Hotline - 1300 6555 06 and
Provides information for adults wanting to attend literacy classes in the area, or by correspondence. Also a source of information about workplace language and literacy programs

Literacy and Learning Centre -
The Literacy and Learning centre provides assessment and support for children and adolescents experiencing difficulties in all aspects of literacy and learning.

Read! Anytime Anywhere Anyhow -
Website with resources for adult readers 

Bringing Picture Books Alive -
Bringing Picture Books Alive are fun, interactive workshops for parents, granparents, child care educators, kindy and prep teachers.

Trevor Cairney - &
A literacy educator with a website and blog aimed at parents and teachers, providing support and advice on literacy, families and learning. Provides reviews of books and how to read them with children. Has links to other websites for parents helping children to read, teacher resources and children’s literature generally. His website has a list of his own publications on language research and classroom practice.

e:lit -
A national association that supports primary school educators to focus on the teaching and learning of English and literacies across all areas of the curriculum.

Government Literacy website -

Australian Literacy Educators Association -
An independent professional association dedicated to literacy development and English language learning at all levels of education. It supports teachers in their current practice; provides leadership for literacy educators; and influences future development in literacy by building effective literacy communities.

Reading Rockets -
A US site with lots of techniques and strategies for helping kids with reading. A page specifically about helping struggling readers is

Marj Kirkland, CBCA National President 2009 - 2010, had an article published about reading over at the KidsLife website. It's full of great advice.

Indigenous Literacy Foundation -

Read Write Now! -
A community based volunteer group in WA that provides free one-on-one tutoring to adults wanting to improve their reading, writing and spelling.

Community Adult Literacy Foundation (CALF) -

Gobsmackers -
From CALF (above). Gobsmackers books have been written and illustrated by volunteers with many years experience in adult literacy. The books are intended as fun readers for adults. All the books have been based on real life stories and the tales are all 'gobsmacking'. There are tips for tutors and exercises for each book. The exercises and tips can be downloaded and printed.

Preston Reservoir Adult Community Education (PRACE) -
PRACE is regarded as a key English Second Language and literacy & numeracy adult education provider in the Northern Metropolitan Region of Melbourne.

Page Turners -
From PRACE (above). Fun, engaging, easy-to-read stories for beginning adult readers.

The Reading Agency -
UK charity based around inspiring people to read more, particularly working with young people who find it difficult to develop reading skills and adults who find reading a challenge. They have an online search database, Find A Read , for less confident adult readers to find suitable titles. Contains a combination of mainstream titles and titles written specially for emergent readers.

Adult Literacy Resource -
The information in this resource is based on research funded through the Adult Literacy Research Program (ALRP). The National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) managed this research program on behalf of the former Commonwealth Department of Education, Science and Training (now Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR)). Research topics ranged from adult literacy teaching and learning approaches and outcomes, to the professional development needs of literacy practitioners. Topics also covered various literacy practices and delivery approaches across Indigenous and ethnic communities, industry, volunteer and community settings.

Workplace English Language and Literacy Program (WELL) -
The main aim of the WELL Program is to assist organisations to train workers in English language, literacy and numeracy skills. This funding is available on a competitive grants basis to organisations for English language and literacy training linked to job-related workplace training and is designed to help workers meet their current and future employment and training needs.

Listen and Learn Centre  -
The Listen and Learn Centre provides services to people (children from 3 years through to adults) with a wide range of needs, from those facing particular emotional, behavioural or cognitive difficulties or disorders through to those who wish to enhance their performance, well-being and engage in personal development. They have a literacy program that seeks to identify those experiencing difficulties with literacy and give them appropriate support for their learning.

 MultiLit (Making Up Lost Time in Literacy) -                                                                                                                                 A research-based initiative of Macquarie University which addresses the literacy needs of low-progress readers through practical, systematic, explicit and effective instruction in phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension. Our intervention programs cover all years of formal schooling and include the MiniLit Early Literacy Intervention Program, the Reading Tutor Program and the Word Attack Skills Extension Program, all of which can be delivered in a school or MultiLit clinic setting.

ICanRULE© (I can Read Understand Learn and be Engaged in print) -                                                                          More than simply teaching sight words and strategies to work out words, this on or off line program is research-based and develops literacy skills: reading, handwriting, alphabet skills, writing (text types), comprehending (literal and inferential), spelling, vocabulary, grammar and punctuation. It includes reading passages to practice skills being learnt and is developing a set of reading materials that are age and stage appropriate. This is a program for individual or group instruction; for learners of any age, stage or background, ability or learning disability and learning styles. It is written to address the needs of emergent readers through to the literacy needs of tertiary students.

Loving2Learn provide a large range of books for children learning to read.  They can be printed and used at no cost.  The mission of Loving2Learn is for all children to reach their full potential.  

Preparing your kids for reading -
Resources to encourage pre-reading skills and early literacy skills in the pre-school age group.

Readwell Systems -
The Cruicks Reading Age Test diagnoses the cause of reading difficulties. We then design a program for the client in the areas of reading, spelling, writing or basic math's, anywhere in Australia. We have a 99.8% (university validated) success rate.

Read Australia -

Useful publications

Mem Fox, Reading Magic: How can your child learn to read before starting school - and other read aloud miracles (2005, new edition), Pan, Sydney.
Jackie French, Rocket your child into reading (2004), Angus & Robertson, Pymble, NSW.

Paul Jennings, The Reading Bug... And how you can help your child catch it (2003) Viking Publications, Camberwell, Victoria.
Agnes Nieuwenhuizen, Right book, right time: 500 great books for teenagers (2007) Allen & Unwin, Crows Nest, NSW.

Literacy Face to Face – a resource for people teaching adults to read