National Year of Reading 2012

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We are pleased to have the support of so many wonderful Friends for The Reading Hour.

Clancy Tucker

It's a pleasure to be associated with the Love2Read Reading Hour Campaign 2013 ... and why not? Books are cool. They take you away to awesome places. Watching a movie is easy. It's all there in front of you - no imagination required. However, it is my job as a writer to conjure up the same feelings and sensations in a reader's mind. That's the bit I love - climbing into my character's head, and relaying their feelings to the reader. I enjoy writing for reluctant readers; kids I classify as 'cotton wool' kids and 'struggling' kids. It's a great challenge, and I think it makes me a better writer. However, I have also enjoyed success as a poet and photographer. I've lived in four countries, speak three languages and have enjoyed a very interesting life. So, turn the tellie off, grab a good book and relax ... you never know where you might end up

Daniella Brodsky

Deby Adair

During the 2012 National Year of Reading I was invited to speak in schools and to take part in the National Simultaneous Story-time, and I couldn’t wait to participate in all of these wonderful events. I met fantastic teachers who were dedicated to teaching our children - of not only the necessity of reading - but the wonders of it. And I met many, many amazing and enthusiastic children with such a will to learn! This year, I can’t wait to be involved in The Reading Hour. We need to ensure that our future generations are all equipped with literacy for life… reading is the single most all-encompassing act that we participate in every single day and no one should be without it. Thank you, Love2Read!

Fleur McDonald

George Ivanoff

Reading is such an important part of my life. I read for pleasure. I read for research. I read to my children. Every day! An hour a week is not enough for me... I need more! But in today’s busy world, reading often falls by the wayside for many people. That’s why The Reading Hour program is so important. Sometimes, people need reminding about what’s important in life

Helene Young

The Reading Hour is a great opportunity to engage more children and their parents in reading and story-telling, both of which are such integral building blocks for literacy

Jenn J McLeod

Why am I here, supporting a reading initiative? Because I wish I had started reading much earlier in life. (Maybe then I might have been published much earlier in life, before may hair turned grey, my face wrinkled and my bones started to ache!) At least reading and writing makes me feel young. Living in regional NSW, in a cozy corner of the mid north, my contemporary Australian fiction invites readers to ... Come home to the country ...

Josephine and Goggles

Judith O’Malley-Ford, Dr

What a great idea to extend the Year of Reading to the goal of Love2Read everyday. It's like Happy Hour for book worms any time of the day. Intellectual mind food. All day for some people. Noses down, books open, images, imaginings and imaginations off to the four corners of the earth and beyond. What lies beyond is always a challenge for the mind to conquer. It means different things to different people. It's a never-ending a new frontier, and always only as far away as your fingertips.  It's hard copy - and these new fandangle electronic versions. A new adventure every day, or a new learning challenge every day. I set myself a target to learn something new every day, at least that's the intention. Some days are learning holidays and that's ok too. Well, you have to stop sometime and smell the roses.

Juliet Sampson

I am happy to support The Reading Hour. Reading is a daily part of life and children need to develop the basic skills to read. As well as being an author I am a primary teacher and have always loved reading stories myself and to children. As adults we can share our interest in reading and introduce children to the wonderful world of books, providing them with the opportunity to become good readers. Sharing books with children for just 10 minutes a day (which is the aim of the Reading Hour) is a delightful activity, so let the reading begin!

Kate Russo

Kate Russo grew up on a sugar cane farm in North Queensland. From an early age she interacted with the world through her love of books, which fuelled her imagination and left her with a desire to experience life to the full. After completing two university degrees, she left Australia in 1997 and has continued to live abroad.  Kate is a Clinical Psychologist, and an Academic, where she trains psychologists and publishes widely in academic and scientific journals. She is also an Eclipse Chaser, and now a popular science Author having just published her first book about her passion for eclipse chasing. Kate fully supports The Reading Hour: “Books inspire creativity and confidence in young people. Reading also helps to develop valuable life skills, such as focused attention, curiosity, imagination, abstract thinking, problem solving and delayed gratification, as well as improving your memory. Reading is not only fun - it is good for you.

Kathy Parra

I am honoured to be connected with The Reading Hour! My passion for reading as many here came with my family's love to read, especially my mother who would pull out the Funk and Wagnall's Encyclopedias to reference when I had a question. I began writing/storytelling/reading my own stories when I was four years old and have carried this passion along my path into motherhood with my own children who as I write this very minute are yes reading! reading shares with all of us a unique way of "being" in that moment while we soak in the nectar of what one has written and this is a gift to each and every one of us each time we pick up a book, hold it in our hands and lay our eyes upon the words that will ultimately become one with that which we read. Reading to me is like music, once the tune of the words stream off the page and into your heart, you are forever changed in that moment and perhaps for a lifetime. Let us read to ourselves and our children for here lies a new page just waiting to unfurl!...Kathy lives in Mesa, Arizona and has written for various publications, most recently she is the author of a children’s nature book Love is the Color of a Rainbow.

Ken Hall

Reading, what would I do to be able to READ. At the age of 8 I died in the children's ward of the Royal Brisbane hospital and some how God was not ready for me so I returned to this exquisite world that we all live in. It is full of colour and views that are stunning on the eye sight and the characters you met. The only trouble for me was when I died I lost the part of my brain that allows me to read & write. I’m lucky that all I learnt before the age of 8 has stayed with me and my memory is 100% - what I see I remember, so over the years computers have made it easy for me to put down on paper the things I have seen in my life time and turn them into stories for all to READ or listen to on CD and yes the computer helped me write this short statement. I fully support the Love2Read Reading Hour campaign for all children. Those who can’t read I also support talking CD books. For me as a writer I love how I can take the readers or CD listeners through doors of wonder and see the surprise on their faces as they have been drawn into the characters of the stories.

Kirsty Murray

Liz Deep-Jones

I’m thrilled to continue to share my love of storytelling through the Love2Read campaign 2013. As an author of the Lucy Zeezou,series, TV journalist and producer I’m passionate about exploring ideas, interviewing people from all walks of life and tapping into my imagination to create stories to share with readers and viewers. I also love visiting students in school with the aim of inspiring them to create their own stories and express themselves through the magical and wonderful art of storytelling. I’m looking forward to discovering budding authors and sharing exciting stories through the essential Reading Hour Campaign.

Louise Fulton Keats

Mandy Magro

I'm very honoured to be supporting the Love2Read’s Reading Hour campaign leading up to the big day on the 24 August 2013. Reading takes you away from the hustle and bustle of life and especially for children, I feel, this is essential. Books are a wonderful way to open children's minds, and most significantly of all, teach them so many things about life. Reading is such a pleasure and when shared it can create such cherished moments between parents and their children. And in our busy lives, this is so very important

Marjory Gardner

Marjory Gardner is a freelance illustrator of children's books and magazines. Based in Melbourne, she loves visiting schools and libraries all around the country with her folio of books and drawings. "There's nothing like a book; no need to hop on a plane to get to the other end of the world, to another place in time, or maybe even somewhere out of this world! The Reading Hour is such a great way to share all those amazing places."

Maya Ward

Michael Salmon

Great to see all those magnificent Literary initiatives forged last year with our National Year of Reading, continue with such great enthusiasm. They are our business, our love … and our passion ….

Mick Walsh

As the father of three testosterone charged sports mad boys (incidentally, role modelled by me), reading for our sons was a lower than low priority in their lives. So Lyn, my wife, and I to a lesser extent, outsmarted them. As a teacher with regular holidays, we had the opportunity to visit my Mum on the Gold Coast from our base in country Victoria. The boys’ responsibility was to organise every trip, organise our caravan park accommodation (we towed a van), trips to the theme parks and our stops on the journey. These exercises provided the prompts necessary to encourage our sons to start researching and reading on areas which interested them. After this, they read and read and read, so much so, we had to shut down the Reading Hour after two hours! So my point is this, it doesn’t matter what kids read; the key is that they acquire a passion to be exploratory and curious to read and learn about what really interests them. Believe me, it works.

Narrelle Harris

It's so hard to find time for reading in our 24/7 online world, but like anything important, it's rewarding to make the effort. Making time to read - to your family, or for yourself - is a vital part of recharging our imaginations, our connection to the world and our connection to the people who matter most to us. Do one less thing online, do one less chore at home, spend ten minutes less in the office or ten minutes less watching television - and spend those ten minutes a day (or one hour week) sharing something special and building something lasting with someone you love.

Natasha Lester

My kids have grown up surrounded by books and one of our favourite things to do is to snuggle together on the couch and read wonderful stories. Through supporting The Reading Hour, we hope to encourage lots of other families to curl up together and dive into the world of a story - it's a way to spend precious time together, to be peaceful together and to allow your children's imaginations to grow, which is one of the loveliest gifts you can give.

Nerelie Teese

The Reading Hour, whether your family does this as a daily or weekly reading activity, is something to really look forward to. The Reading "Hour" is about so much more than "a book or books". It's irreplaceable time with your family - no matter what their age may be. Read, Share, Connect, Enjoy and LOVE the books that support your togetherness. I'm a proud supporter of the National Reading Hour, I hope you and  your family will be part of it too.

Nicky Johnston

Reading with children and having fun with books are such simple ways to ignite imagination, inspire problem solving and understanding different of points of view. I have four boys and we are all suckers for daily cuddle time and a children’s book. (Especially ones that are boyish and gross) I am excited to be part of the fantastic initiative Love2Read’s Reading Hour Campaign, highlighting lifelong benefits of story time. I am looking forward to being involved with a variety of events and activities this year.

Nicole Alexander

I’m thrilled to be associated with the Love2Read 2013 campaign.. As a rural dweller, championing literacy across rural and regional Australia is very important to me and I had a wonderful time last year visiting many libraries across Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria as a Friend of the National Year of Reading 2012. Here’s to a fabulous initiative and a year of great reading! (Nicole Alexander’s poetry, travel, genealogy and non-fiction articles and novels have been published in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, America and Germany).

Phil Kettle

Rob Towner

Remember the very first time you laid eyes on a book? I sure as hell don’t. There is no way I could have possibly remembered that moment. I was way too young and my tiny brain had not yet developed enough memory cells to recognise basic shapes let alone complex matter. Nevertheless, I do remember reading a Roald Dahl book for the first time. Oh, how I laughed. If I can give just one kid that same memory, I will depart from this life a happy man. TL; DR The Reading Hour is important.

Read the first chapter of Rob Towner’s upcoming book “Animal Friends” which explores the incredibly true story about group of animal friends who united against all odds to change the course of Australian history. Did the Olympics Games, Televisions or Aerosol help or hinder their plans?

Ron and Margaret Sharp

The Reading Hour forms a focus that shines a light on the advantages of reading together: adult and child. Shared reading provides an ideal opportunity to promote special, quality time. Feeling and displaying mutual enjoyment and discovery highlights the joy of reading: benefits that are likely to flow on, enhancing quality of life. We are delighted to add our support to this initiative.

Sally Morgan

Sally Morgan is an internationally recognised author, artist and illustrator who has published books for adults and children. Sally won the Human Rights Award for Literature in 1987 and the Order of Australia Book Prize in 1990. Her most recent books include My Country with her son Ezekiel Kwaymullina but Morgan is best known for her acclaimed biography My Place. Sally is an Ambassador for the Indigenous Literacy Project. "Sharing the wonder of a good  book with your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, cousins, friends and family is one of life's great joys. I love to check out from the world with a book, to visit places others have imagined, to share adventure and laughter. A book can take you anywhere and show you anything, that's why they are so amazing."

Sam Sochacka

The Reading Hour is a key national event that brings the importance of families reading to young children to the forefront. There is no doubt that reading to children at bedtime brings numerous social and educational benefits. It also gives parents, caregivers and children a moment to share time that will remain with both reader and ‘readee’ for the remainder of their lives. As an Aspiring Children's Author and English as a Second Language Educator, I recognize and appreciate the educational and social benefits of regular, if not daily, reading to children. As a Children’s Literature Enthusiast and Advocate, I am very excited about supporting The Reading Hour in 2013.

Susan Hall

I am delighted to support Love2Read’s Reading Hour campaign on the 24 August 2013. Through this day-long event the importance of reading to children is highlighted for the whole Australian community. Just 10 minutes out of the busy day can give your child a head start to becoming a good reader, and loving books for their whole life. This can provide not only educational and social benefits but also a livelong passion for and enjoyment of stories - a chance to enter other worlds and experience different cultures, to escape, to dream, to learn.

Tania McCartney

Working in the children’s book industry and frequently visiting schools, it never fails to astound me how life-changing a love of reading can be. Encouraging an attachment to books and stories in the very young is vital not only for literacy skills that enormously enhance everyday living, but for pure pleasure and happiness. Seeing children thrive and find joy through the words and images of a book is a huge personal passion and I’m thrilled to be a friend of The Reading Hour. The Reading Hour is an important reminder that the social and economic benefit of reading is unquestionable. Oh – and it’s also a lot of fun.

Timothy Chan

I’m delighted to support the 2013 Love2Read campaign. If I had to choose three words to describe The Reading Hour on 24 August 2013, they would be exciting, essential and educational. It’s exciting because of the unexpected adventure, and it’s essential because of the need to improve literacy skills throughout the nation. My Love2ReadTV project completed during last year’s National Year of Reading is a useful resource for anyone who wants to watch Australian authors talk about their own experience with the written word. There’s so much inspiration to be gained through reading, and this is why I’m supporting Love2Read 2013. Counting down….three, two, one….let’s read!

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